SIGNALS is the first collection of the incoming transmissions we have received at SFI Recordings in the past year. This mixtape includes parts of those transmissions which have been released so far or are set to be released in the full documented state in the near future. Additionally, we have included some which are only available on this collection.

  • SIGNALS / Transmissions from SFI Recordings limited edition cassette.
  • x150 white cassettes in a clear norelco case with screen printed j-card and o-card.
  • Edition of 150

01. Deathcount In Silicon Valley "Bioluminescent" 05:23
02. Steve Moore "Uncertainty Elipse" 04:26
03. Justin Sweatt "Thumb Buster" 04:53
04. New Frontiers "Emergent Evolution" 05:34
05. Blutbräuer "Locust Lounge" 02:28
06. Paul Riedl "Pulse Loop" 04:48
07. Meridian Arc "Macrovision" 04:17
08. Majeure "Physis" 04:18
09. Norm Chambers "Viper Street" 03:59
10. SOMAFREE INSTITUTE "Beta Test Program" 04:44
11. Timothy Fife "Unknown Demo" 03:04
12. Xander Harris "In A Cavern, In A Canyon" 07:12
13. Vortexx "Redundancy Apparatus Failure" Demo 04:26
14. Old Dark House "At Dusk" 04:04

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