He's back - again! Years after the end of the Heisei era, the big G came back to film in 1999 with the first of a new era: GODZILLA 2000: MILLENNIUM. Directed by Takao Okawara (GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH), a new look Godzilla is still harassing Tokyo, with the Godzilla Prediction Network out there trying to figure out where he'll show up next. To make matters worse, the government's Crisis Control Intelligence care more about firing missiles, but everything changes when they discover a mysterious meteor has a UFO inside. All of this results in Orga, a kaiju made from Godzilla's DNA, and of course it's up to the Big G to kick its ass back to space. Scoring GODZILLA 2000 was Takayuki Hattori, who had previously composed 1994's GODZILLA VS. SPACEGODZILLA. Hattori's music is very much about mood; the composer brings a sense of lyricism to proceedings, but of course, he also knows how to get us excited for Godzilla's appearances. Hattori does that with a spectacular new theme for the Big G that perfectly captures the creature's grandeur and immense power. There's also a fantastic piece for the UFO that has a wonderfully primevil beat, and of course, Akira Ifukube's classic theme for Godzilla returns in a big way. A perfect start to the Millennium era! (Charlie Brigden)

Side A
01. Main Title
02. The Giant Tail
03. Facing Fear
04. A Close Call
05. Godzilla Appears in Nemuro
06. In The Ocean Depths
07. A Sleeep of 60 Million Years
08. The Object from Outer Space / unusual phenomenon
09. The Self Defence Force Mobilizes
10. Godzilla’s Theme 2000
11. End Title – The Feared God Godzilla

Side B
01. The Object from Outer Space Flight
02. Godzilla Lands
03. Eerie Silence
04. Eerie Silence II
05. Ominous Premonition
06. The Wonder of G Revealed
07. The Flight of the Giant UFO
08. The Earth Invasion
09. Before The Explosion
10. Millennium
11. Thinking of Dad
12. Millennial Kingdom

Side C
01. Miraculous Survival
02. Organizer – Godzilla’s Theme
03. Extraterrestrial Life /The Birth
04. Rising Tension
05. Extraterrestrial life/The Metamorphosis
06. Astonishing Resurrection
07. Millennial Kingdom
08. G’s Decision
09. The Space Monster Ironic fate
10. End Title – The Feared God Godzilla
11. End Title – The Feared God Godzilla II

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