Death Waltz Recording Company cordially invites you to join LUZ on her nightmarish journey into the night and beyond, accompanied by a terrifying score by Simon Waskow from a film by Tilman Singer. Luz is a taxi driver who finds solace in the safety of a police station after escaping from the clutches of a woman possessed by a demon. However, the police station is only the beginning of her ordeal, which Waskow musically interprets with disturbing results.

  • Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with artwork by Gilles Vranckz

01. Entry I
02. Zwischenspiel Gang
03. Soft Array (featuring Aerial Drones, Faira & Niklas Wandt)
04. Entry II
05. Mangata (featuring Viva Erotica)
06. Montage Taxi
07. Mangata II
08. Entry III

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