La Settima Donna (1978), also known as The Last House On The Beach, is a disturbing thriller directed by Franco Prosperi and set in a secluded cottage overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea, starring Florinda Bolkan, in the role of Sister Cristina, governess of five female students on a short vacation, rehearsing their Shakesperean end-of-year play. Roberto Pregadio's brilliant music is not surprisingly, functional and almost disconnected from the bloody images: there is no overwhelming sense of disturbance for the listener. The soundtrack of La Settima Donna was published only once, in CD format, attached to the rare DVD of the film, gaining new life on vinyl thanks to Musica Per Immagini. Some of the eleven tracks of the score are characterized by an easy listening mood and united by a psychedelic feel, in harmony with the progressive atmospheres found in albums such as A Saucerful Of Secrets (1968) and Meddle (1971) by Pink Floyd. However, the English band is not the only reference for the jazz pianist, who quotes a piece by Bryan Ferry, entrusting it to the voice of Ray Lovelock, one of the three kidnappers. After that, the Sicilian composer remodels an international hit by Donna Summer, background of the sequence in which the nun is forced to strip naked in front of her tormentors.

A1. La settima donna seq 1
A2. La settima donna_seq 2
A3. La settima donna_seq 3
A4. La settima donna_seq 4
A5. La settima donna_seq 5
B1. La settima donna_ seq 6
B2. La settima donna _seq 7
B3. La settima donna_seq 8
B4. La settima donna_seq 9
B5. La settima donna_seq 10
B6. Place for the landing

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