A commissar with his hands tied and a gentleman godfather. A gang of ruthless kidnappers and a couple of parents ready to pay any amount to hold their missing daughter again. The evocative backdrop of Lake Como and the rare beauty of Piero Piccioni's music. Fatevi Vivi, La Polizia Non Interverrà (1974), also known as Kidnap, is a detective story directed by Giovanni Fago, with actors of the caliber of Henry Silva, Gabriele Ferzetti and Philippe Leroy. The film draws inspiration from the many cases of kidnappings recorded during the seventies. The first vinyl edition of the soundtrack, edited by Musica Per Immagini, offers the listener a selection of his most significant tracks, carefully remastered, already released on CD. The soundtrack is a fabulous mix of lounge atmospheres, explosive action music, and mysterious moments from which the sound of tubular bells emerge, as in the bittersweet pentaphonic opener "Lovely Mood". Synthesis of a different mood from that adopted by his peers, exemplary in "Ambushers, "played by bass, guitar and piano, plus the string section in counterpoint. True hip-hop break. Within the depths of the tracklist, it is easy to identify the third axis of the project, The Persuaders, thanks to the irresistible rhythm of the brass. The Sicilian mafia motif is also distinctive, punctuated by the traditional sound of the Jew's harp. Another distinguishable aspect of Piero Piccioni's work is the wealth of themes. The composer goes beyond the model that provides for the creation of a main theme and a secondary theme with related variations, because he creates leitmotifs and musical figurations tailored to each of the salient situations and related protagonists.

A1. Lovely Mood
A2. Ambushers
A3. The Persuaders
A4. Nostalgy
A5. Sicilian Mafia
A6. Love Theme
A7. Pursuit
B1. Waiting
B2. Action
B3. Nostalgy 2
B4. Mystery
B5. Action 2
B6. The Persuaders Strike Back
B7. Kidnap - Finale

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