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Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Seijun Suzuki! The soundtrack of his masterpiece and most unique work, "Branded to Kill", will be reissued in limited edition as a color vinyl. Although it triggered director Seijun Suzuki to lose his job for 10 years, this work, which later became the animated TV series "Lupin the Third", continues to exert a unique appeal among avant-garde hard-boiled works in many countries. This film, which is also highly acclaimed in Japan and abroad in terms of music, has been newly remastered to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the director's birth.

  • Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Seijun Suzuki
  • The soundtrack of Suzuki's masterpiece and most unique work, "Branded to Kill", reissued on colored vinyl
  • Limited edition

01. 殺しのブルース
02. スコッチとハードボイルド米 Part 1
03. スコッチとハードボイルド米 Part 2
04. 死体バックシート
05. ハナダ・バップ
06. フレーム・オン Part 1
07. フレーム・オン Part 2
08. 男嫌い Part 1
09. 男嫌い Part 2
10. 米を研げ
11. 悪魔の仕事
12. 野獣同士
13. 蝶の毒針 Part 1
14. 蝶の毒針 Part 2
15. ハナダの針 Part 1
16. ハナダの針 Part 2
17. サヨナラの外観
18. ナポレオンのブランデー
19. 殺しのブルース (Humming Version)
20. 防波堤の撃合い
21. 殺し屋のボサノバ
22. 何かが起る 
23. 獣は獣のように
24. ナンバーワンの叫び
25. テープレコーダーは運命の轍
26. 殺しのブルース エンディング
27. 殺しのブルース カラオケ
28. 殺しのブルース セリフなし
29. 殺しのブルース Outtake
30. 殺しのブルース エンディング カラオケ

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