Sometimes some publications are the quick birth of a round of waltzes, others, like this one, although awaited for a long time and requested several times by fans, have a long and laborious gestation. In the case of Blastfighter, a long timescale also due to the desire of the record company and the artist to dedicate the right energy to achieving the best possible result.

A score that Fabio Frizzi is very fond of, with funky sounds imbued with that explosive electronics typical of the Maestro's musical canon, for his productions in the early 80s, was shown to many audiences during the many concerts in which Fabio Frizzi , with his band, delighted live listeners from all over the world with a vibrant suite dedicated to Lamberto Bava's film.

Countless input from his fans to motivate the artist to make the original soundtrack available eventually led to the search for the relevant tapes and, finally, after a long wait we have the opportunity to offer this explosive score on 180 gram 12-inch colored vinyl , marbled light blue, mastering by Enrico Scopa (Octopus Studio, Rome), artwork by Daniele De Gemini and the splendid drawing by Renato Casaro on the cover.

  • (Marmored Pale Blue) Lp 12” 180 Gramms

Side A
01. Blastfighter - seq. 1 4:21
02. Blastfighter - seq. 3 3:42
03. Blastfighter - seq. 5 3:47
04. Blastfighter - seq. 6 2:59
05. Blastfighter - seq. 7 4:10

Side B
01. Blastfighter - seq. 8 2:13
02. Evening Star (instr.) 3:42
03. Blastfighter - seq. 9 2:45
04. Blastfighter - seq. 11 4:39
05. Blastfighter - seq. 12 2:26
06. Evening Star 3.48

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