Over the course of the last decade, multi-instrumentalist Michael C. Sharp has created a secret world of aural vistas and astral textures through his arsenal of synthesizers and guitar effects. Captured in his home studio and released into the wild in small batches of cassettes, these documents of Sharp’s anti-gravity dreamscapes have traversed territories ranging from Klaus Schulze-inspired kosmische music to the spacious frontiers of Japanese environmental music to the pastoral panoramas of sublime folk instrumentals. On his first release under his initials MCS and his first official solo vinyl release, Sharp distills his myriad of approaches and musical forays into his most vibrant lysergic journey yet—Late Horizon.

Across the album’s seven tracks, Sharp employs his signature helium-grade guitars, dizzying synths, hypnotic drum patterns, and organic flourishes of acoustic instrumentation that longtime fans will recognize from his deep trove of solo work. But there is a level of ambition and scope to Late Horizon unparalleled by his earlier endeavors. Composed and recorded during the lockdown of the pandemic while simultaneously entering the first phase of fatherhood, Late Horizonserved as both an opportunity to expand the scale of Sharp’s work and as an escapist utopian fantasy in uncertain times. Bask in the fusion-inflected psychedelia of “Eaux” and “Love Overwhelming.” Lose yourself in the Florian Fricke-like voyage of “March.” Bliss out to the undulating melodic layers of “Ninios.” Ascend to the higher plane through the staircase of synth arpeggios on the epic closer “Miss Me One Place, Search Another.” Let the current sweep you away to the brighter tomorrow of Late Horizon.

  • Exclusive Edition of 100x copies on Cotton Candy Swirl Vinyl in a screenprinted jacket and O-Card Slipcase

01. Eaux
02. Laschamp Auroras
03. Hypaxia
04. Love Overwhelming
05. March
06. Ninios
07. Miss Me One Place, Search Another

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