Les Chakachas Disco Sudamericana was released by CBS Sugar in 1974, and when it originally came out did not receive the attention it deserved. Disco Sudamericana is a rich album in terms of catchy tracks and killer grooves. "Super Cat," "Liza& Brooks," and "Selling Mango" are just some of the peaks here. This is yet another major release on the legendary Easy Tempo label, offering this time two extra tracks not featured on the original release!

01. The Party
02. Super Cat
03. The Beggar
04. Vendo Mango
05. Liza & Brooks
06. Hot Hands (Instrumental)
07. Try It You Like It
08. Tengo Tengo
09. Turtle Soup
10. Bugaloo
11. Noche De Amor (Instrumental)
12. Mamadula
13. Tibidibang
14. Noche De Amor
15. Hot Hands
16. The Riot Is Over
17. The Walking Bass

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