"Working with La Batteria was one of those rare cases in which, before anything else, we avoided the chance of working in terms of functional music, and we rather chose to focus on composition. The idea was about writing music which could have an influence on the film narrative, sometimes fueling it, or directing it, and hopefully making it unique and valuable." --Alex Infascelli

This is how the director describes his collaboration with La Batteria for the soundtrack of the documentary Kill Me If You Can. This was certainly a special collaboration since Infascelli himself is a musician and therefore it was possible to establish a deep and fully aware exchange. Rather than setting the already edited film to music, you chose to follow an "old-fashioned" approach. Starting from an initial exchange with the director, the band composed a good number of tracks, and the film was then directly edited with the music. An unusual process that created a deep connection between music and the story itself. From a stylistic point of view, the original music follows two main directions: on the one hand there's the more melodic material dominated by choirs and acoustic instruments which explicitly refer to the great Italian film music tradition; while on the other you have the electronic soundwork, mostly produced through the use of analog synthesizers. As always, the group made use of a wide and eclectic range of instruments, and also involved two guest musicians: vocalist Davide Savarese and cellist Kyung Mi Lee. The music, produced by La Batteria, was recorded and mixed by Paolo Pecorelli at Studiosette (Rome), and was mastered by Danilo Silvestri. In addition to the twelve unreleased tracks, the soundtrack also includes two tracks ("Lightless", "Crepuscular") from La Batteria's album Notes in the Dark (Deneb/Flipper 2020).

01. Kill Me If You Can
02. Aereodrone
03. Landing In Denver
04. My Name Is Raffaele
05. Pressure
06. Walk In The Clouds
07. Melito
08. The Hijacker
09. Memories
10. Lightless
11. Arrabbiato, Arrabbiato, Arrabbiato
12. Rage And Redemption
13. American Citizen
14. Crepuscular
15. Raffaele's Mysteries

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