Re-issue of Kuni's second album with his former heavy friends Flower Travelling Band, originally released in 1972. Dreamy and psychedelic flavor here, a Japanese early '70s underground rock masterpiece! Kawachi plays piano, celesta, Hammond organ, Rocksichord, Harpsichord, various percussions, and sings. Kimio Mizutani (A Path Through Haze, Love Live Life +1) contributes acoustic and electric guitars.

A1. A Letter Without A Stamp
A2. A Puddle On A Purple Vetch
A3. Already No More Secrets
A4. Like A Concert Of Angels
A5. Like Lovers
A6. My Key Is In Your Hand
A7. Playing In Panic
B1. Riddle
B2. That's Why Love Is...
B3. That's Why People Are...
B4. The Cat
B5. The Things You've Left
B6. Where Are You Walking Now
B7. Where My Voice Can Be Heard

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