Mondo is proud to present the premiere vinyl soundtrack to Simon Belmont’s first 16-Bit adventure, the 1991 SNES classic SUPER CASTLEVANIA IV.

SUPER CASTLEVANIA IV, technically a remake of the first CASTLEVANIA game, puts you back into boots of vampire hunter Simon Belmont. But if the first CASTLEVANIA soundtrack was like a band’s debut garage album, SUPER CASTLEVANIA IV is where they finally got into a major recording studio and fully fleshed out their sonic ambitions.

The Super Nintendo’s sound chip brought the franchise into the world of synth for the first time. It allowed Konami’s composers to use audio samples to achieve an instrumentation previously unattainable on earlier systems. From the moment SUPER CASTLEVANIA IV begins you can hear the difference, with synthesized samples of organs and chiming bells, that set a more cinematic tone for Simon’s quest to fell the devil’s castle.

But it’s not all graveyards and fog; by the time you arrive at the fourth track on the album, “Simon Belmont’s Theme,” you reach the new gold standard for the music of CASTLEVANIA. And when you get to Track 8, “Mechanical Trick Castle,” you are hearing Konami Kukeiha Club at its absolute finest, producing epic, bombastic score with prog rock elements that would remain the backbone of the franchise for years to come.

  • Artwork by Jenolab
  • 140 gram Eco-Vinyl

01. Devil’s Castle Dracula
02. Dracula’s Theme
03. Prologue
04. Simon Belmont’s Theme
05. Demon Forest
06. Dripstone Cave / Waterfall
07. Sunken City
08. Mechanical Trick Mansion
09. Boss Theme
10. Stage Clear
11. Stage Map A
12. Going Into The Castle
13. Knight Corridor / Great Hall
14. Library / Collection Room
15. Cellar
16. Stage Map B
17. Treasure Room
18. Boss Theme 2
19. Stage Map C
20. Bloody Tears
21. Stage Map D
22. Vampire Killer
23. Beginning
24. Rooms of Close Associates
25. Dracula’s Room
26. Dracula’s Death
27. Game Over
28. Secret Room
29. Ending Theme

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