A new vinyl edition of Steven Wilson’s mix of the classic album, ‘Warrior On The Edge of Time’ by Hawkwind.

Recorded in 1975, the album is a ground-breaking classic of Hawkwind’s long career. Featuring a line-up of Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Lemmy, Simon House, Simon King and Alan Powell, the album is arguably one of the finest rock albums of the mid-1970s. This Atomhenge edition marks the first time Steven Wilson’s stunning stereo mix has appeared on vinyl.

This new vinyl edition of ‘Warrior On The Edge of Time’ has been cut at Abbey Road and faithfully reproduces the fold out shield sleeve artwork and picture inner bag of original 1975 LP release.

1 Assault and Battery / The Golden Void
2 The Wizard Blew His Horn
3 Opa-Loka
4 The Demented Man

1 Magnu
2 Standing at the Edge
3 Spiral Galaxy 28948
4 Warriors
5 Dying Seas
6 Kings of Speed

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