When I was approached to participate in Monsterland I was immediately attracted to the idea of working on a series where horror, science fiction and gore could converge. I had never done music for a project like this before and the sole idea of venturing into some new playground immediately sparked my interest. And just after reading the first two episodes I realized I had to get involved in the project.

Several things connected with me deeply. I found in the stories elements that reminded me of the “magical realism” that I grew up with in Latin America through writers like Horacio Quiroga and Gabriel García Márquez. Also, the idea of tapping into a landscape in which fear and horror have a metaphysical quality connected to the psyche of the characters appealed to me.

Working with Juan Luquí was key in making this score. His capacity to deeply understand my vision and his masterful skills add another dimension to Monsterland. A land of monsters so human in nature, that in many instances seemed extremely and frighteningly familiar.

  • Composed by Gustavo Santaolalla
  • Artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin
  • Colorway – Frosted Clear Vinyl

01. Dizzy
02. Hurting Beast
03. Getting Ready
04. Solitude
05. Overslept
06. He’s Outside
07. One by One
08. Horroris Causa
09. Locked in Your Soul
10. Chasing
11. The Fall
12. Penumbra
13. In Solitude
14. Dragged
15. Gasping
16. Playing in the Tub
17. Into the Dark
18. Reach for The Light
19. Reactions
20. Unbearable
21. What’s Left
22. On the Move
23. Only Solitude
24. Once Again Wrong
25. In Another Life
26. Late
27. Where Is He?
28. In the Shadows

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