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Japanese solo project Jun Konagaya's Grim released the beautiful EP, Message, in 1987. It was his first and sole full folk music release despite having an album called Folk Music in 1986 that was a classic industrial album, featuring Yukio Nagoshi, founding member of the Vasilisk unit, on guitar and percussion and A. Takahashi on vocals, with collaboration and technical support from Tomo Kuwabara, partner and co-founder with Jun Konagaya of the legendary group White Hospital. This EP kind of feels like walking through an ancient fairy tale forest, all hazy, and magical, and slightly creepy. Remastered with the entire A-side enclosing the original six tracks and the B-side featuring the 2021 noise-oriented remix. Edition of 199.

A1. Heritage (2:27)
A2. Deep In Meditation (3:22)
A3. Mooncalf's Waltz (2:33)
A4. Klara's Song (2:41)
A5. Parable & Coal (3:36)
A6. Heaven Knows (5:10)
B1. Heritage (Remix 2021) (2:26)
B2. Deep In Meditation (Remix 2021) (3:32)
B3. Mooncalf's Waltz (Remix 2021) (2:34)
B1. Klara's Song (Remix 2021) (2:44)
B2. Parable & Coal (Remix 2021) (3:37)
B3. Heaven Knows (Remix 2021) (5:08)

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