In the immense discography dedicated to Goblin, a huge, unbridgeable void has always been represented by the soundtrack of the film Squadra Antimafia, a score that we have searched for years but which unfortunately has been lost.

The 1978 film, directed by Bruno Corbucci, is packed with absolute cult icons including Tomas Milian, Bombolo, Enzo Cannavale, Eli Wallach, Massimo Vanni: adding the Goblins to this incredible list of workers can only be the icing on the cake cake.

This is how some time ago, on the artistic initiative of Fabio Capuzzo, veteran musicians of the local prog and funky scene, the Girodivite, were involved and the ex novo recording of this sensational soundtrack was started.

The result did not take long to reach the radars of Beat Records and this is how we are proud to give a recording life to this fantastic project thanks to which, with extreme philological expertise and care, the score was once again performed by the members of the Marcello Bonetta band ( Keyboards), Diego Vergari (Drums, Percussion), Giorgio Giuseppe Tonazzo (Bass) and Antonio Micheli (Guitar).

All the funk expressed by Goblin to comment on the events of our hero, Tomas Milian, is then replicated with renewed vigor and vintage charm, the program could not miss the song of the opening credits "E lassame loses" which, thanks to the collaboration between Fabio Capuzzo and Alan Donati, son of Aldo, the original vocalist of the piece, were able to count on the singer's real voice taken from a demo made at the time and made available for this version of the song.

There is also a prog reinterpretation of a Goblin song taken from the film "Amo non amo", rearranged by Marcello Bonetta and Diego Vergari, as a very special bonus track.

Squadra Antimafia is the result of so much love and commitment and could only receive honorable treatment from Beat Records with this deluxe version on 180 gram vinyl colored in dark smoky blue which replicates the shade of Milian's suit, artwork on edited by Daniele De Gemini, supported by the photographic archive of Fabio Capuzzo, recording, editing and mastering by Marcello Bonetta, Diego Vergari and Fabio Capuzzo, and the splendid cover drawing by Ezio Tarantelli featuring one of the most iconic images of the posters of the era.

  • (Color In Color Dark Blue Marmorized) Lp 12” 180 Gramms

Side A
01. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 1 (New York Funk) 3'03”
02. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 2 (Rome Chase) 2'56”
03. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 3 (Don Girolamo) 1'56”
04. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 4 (Nico in Las Vegas) 2'25”
05. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 5 (Night of the waning moon) 2'35”
06. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 6 (And lassame loses - Instrumental Version) 3'21”
07. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 8 (Nico in Las Vegas, Reprise) 1'58”

Side B
01. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 7 (Disco Nico) 2'08”
02. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 9 (Night Investigation) 4'00”
03. Anti-Mafia Team – Seq. 10 (Desert Chase) 3'03”
04. Anti-Mafia Squad – Seq. 11 (In the Gas Chamber) 2'44”
05. And let me lose * 3'19”
06. I love I don't love ** (Ghost Link) 3'22”

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