“Virus” is a 1980 horror movie directed by Bruno Mattei - here under the pseudonym of Vincent Dawn - and Claudio Fragasso that was explicitly made to benefit the success of the zombie/cannibalistic genre achieved by films such as George Romero’s “Zombi / Dawn of the Dead” (1978) or Lucio Fulci’s “Zombi 2” (1979). Today, together with many others rediscovered and revalued in recent years, “Virus” is a true cult among the many fans of underground, ‘artisanal’ and extremely low-budget cinema.

For entire decades, this soundtrack has never officially been released, up until 2022, and this is the first vinyl edition ever. The score of “Virus” alternates Luis Bacalov’s “Diamanti Rossi” (the theme of the noir “Diamanti sporchi di sangue / Blood and Diamonds”, 1977) with Goblin tracks taken from “Zombi” and “Contamination”, and also with original compositions especially written for this film, credited to producer and composer Gianni Dell’Orso; the latter, extremely effective in their simplicity, are largely characterized by tribal percussion instruments, with a great use of electronic background sounds and effects.

A Record Store Day 2024 exclusive / Coloured vinyl edition

  • 1980 horror soundtrack from Goblin
  • Pressed on Colored Vinyl
  • Limited edition

01. Gianni Dell'Orso - Virus (Progressione tensiva)
02. Luis Bacalov - Diamanti rossi (Titoli di testa)
03. Goblin - L’alba dei morti viventi
04. Gianni Dell'Orso - Virus (Tam Tam)
05. Goblin - Connexion**
06. Gianni Dell'Orso - Virus (Inseguimento)
07. Gianni Dell'Orso - Virus (Festa notturna)
08. Gianni Dell'Orso - Virus (Rullante per marcia)
09. Goblin - Whity
10. Gianni Dell'Orso - Virus (Tam Tam festosi)
11. Gianni Dell'Orso - Virus (Momento di relax)
12. Goblin - Zombi
13. Goblin - Quiet drops

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