“Murderock – Uccide a passi di danza” (internationally released as “Murder Rock” is a thriller/horror 1984 film directed by legendary Lucio Fulci about a dance school in which a mysterious murderer kills female students with a long pin. Its soundtrack was entrusted by the producers to Keith Emerson, another incredible artist, a virtuoso keyboardist and composer.

In those early 1980s, having temporarily shelved the prog-rock experience of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Keith Emerson launched a solo career that led him to compose a number of soundtracks, including “Inferno” (1980), “Nighthawks” (1981) and, then, “Murderock”: here we have an energetic mix of 80s pop/rock anthems, perfectly in line with the sounds of the time, dressed with baroque and magniloquent arrangements that make the whole result extravagant and eccentric, almost impossible to classify and consequently unique. The most ‘straightforward’ and least extravagant tracks are “Tonight Is The Night”, “Streets To Blame” and “Not So Innocent”, sung by special guests Doreen Chanter and Mike Sheppard.

“Murderock” has become a cult title among genre film fans over the years, and is here reissued on the occasion of Black Friday 2023 in a new clear blue vinyl version with gatefold sleeve and audio remastered by Claudio Fuiano. The last four tracks – Murderock (Part 1-4) – are released on vinyl for the first time ever. Artwork by Eric Adrian Lee.

  • First LP Reissue in Over 35 Years With Four Tracks Never Released on Vinyl Before!
  • Clear Blue Vinyl Edition
  • Gatefold Cover and Brand New Artwork!
  • A Black Friday 2023 Exclusive!!!

01. Murderock
02. Tonight Is Your Night
03. Streets To Blame
04. Not So Innocent
05. Prelude To Candice
06. Don’t Go In The Shower
07. Coffee Time
08. Candice
09. New York Dash
10. Tonight Is Not Your Night
11. The Spillone
12. Murderock (Part 1)
13. Murderock (Part 2)
14. Murderock (Part 3)
15. Murderock (Part 4)

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