Reissue, originally released in 1972. Recorded at the legendary Sound Work Shop studio in Rome by the most talented jazz flutist of the Italian Radio Television Orchestra. Featuring psychedelic cinematic jazz masterpieces "Meeting" and "Atom Flowers." The light of Gino Marinacci, the unforgettable talented jazz musician and illustrious citizen of Cittaducale, shines brightly again: his masterpiece Atom Flower's, the album with which he won the Armstrong prize at the 1971 Venice music festival as the best Italian jazzman, has just been reissued.

01. Meeting (3:23)
02. Space (3:54)
03. Life (4:11)
04. Guardrail (2:07)
05. Atom Flower's (4:00)
06. Walking Moon (2:40)
07. Actors Flute Studio (4:37)
08. Sonatina in Beat (2:54)

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