WRWTFWW Records is announces the first ever release of the long-lost original motion picture soundtrack from the 1988 cult horror comedy sensation Ghoulies II by the incomparable Fuzzbee Morse. Digging deep to uncover a true gem of the VHS era, this limited-edition vinyl release (500 copies worldwide) marks history in the making as a piece of film score lore is resurrected from the depths of oblivion. The LP is packed with 39 tracks and features an exclusive artwork by French illustrator Pierre Thyss, as well an obi and composer notes. The captivating melodies that once played hauntingly in the background of Ghoulies II were long believed to be lost forever. It took over 30 years and Fuzzbee Morse's unwavering determination to dig out the legendary recordings -- and restore them for full audio pleasure! The superb soundscape of Ghoulies II perfectly captures the chilling and wacky essence of the cult movie, as well as its creepy carnival setting. Morse, citing influences such as Bernard Hermann, Frank Zappa, and Igor Stravinsky, flexes his multi-instrumentalist skills, flowing with ease between magical fairground elements (with brilliant use of calliope, tuba, flutes and sparkly sounding synthesizers), dark atmospheres and frightening attacks (tribal percussion, strings, along with dissonant, atonal gongs, bowed cymbals), and goofy moods (bassoon, bass clarinet, glockenspiel, trumpet, clarinet). It's big cinematic horror movie music with a lighter comedic touch -- the '80s live again! To complete this collector's edition, French illustrator Pierre Thyss (the man behind the WRWTFWW Records logo) lends his talent to provide awe-inspiring visuals that flawlessly encapsulate the juxtaposition of horror and comedy Ghoulies II follows the release of the full uncut soundtrack of Ghoulies (1985) which was released on vinyl for the first time ever by WRWTFWW Records in 2020 alongside soundtracks for other Richard Band-composed, Empire Pictures-produced classics: TerrorVision and Troll. All these '80s horror favorites are still available -- complete the collection now!

  • Limited Edition Of 500

A1. Main Title
A2. Ghoulies Flambé
A3. Sneaking
A4. Ghoulieboppin'
A5. An Old Tomato
A6. Patty Gets It
A7. For The Benefit of Mr. Satie
A8. Ghouliepalooza
A9. Help Him
A10. Montage
A11. Organus Maximus
A12. Sex Critters
A13. Slice 'Em, Dice 'Em
A14. Merle's Mummy
A15. Yuppie Agenda
A16. Ned Discovers
A17. Larry Sees
B1. They're Real
B2. Interlude
B3. Ned's Showdown
B4. Ned Is Gone
B5. Nigel
B6. Studio Chatter
B7. Nicole's Story
B8. Prepping The Carnival
B9. Larry In Satan's Den
B10. Fighting
B11. Gang's All Here
B12. Clown's Jaws
B13. Froggy
B14. Cuteness
B15. Hell Breaks Loose
B16. Ghoulies Jazz
B17. Danger Zone (Studio Chatter)
B18. Slate 9M2 (Studio Chatter)
B19. Gastroburgers From Hell
B20. Mazel Tov, Molotov
B21. Baroque Indigestion
B22. Ghoulies II Finale

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