A masterpiece of film music following "A Man and A Woman" by the tag team of Claude Lelouch and Francis Ray. This is an artistic documentary film that only features footage of the Winter Olympics held in Grenoble, France, and Francis Ray's brilliant music. The performances by the actual star athletes of the time and the astonishing talent of Francis Ray, which can be described as a French soundtrack, make this a masterpiece. The theme song "White Lovers" was produced with Japanese lyrics and covered by The Peanuts, Saori Yuki, Ayumi Ishida, and others.

  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Originally released in 1968
  • Japanese import
  • Includes Japanese obi-strip and liner notes

01. Killy
02. 13 Jours En France (Orchestre)
03. Peggy
04. Descente (Orchestre)
05. Killy
06. 13 Jours En France (Choeurs)
07. Peggy (Orchestre - Trompette)
08. Descente
09. Killy (Orchestre)

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