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The 2024 reissue of FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND's final album of the 70s, "MAKE UP," is finally here!

Recognized as one of the most influential new rock bands of their era, Flower Travelin' Band (FTB) presents their last offering of the decade, brimming with a raw, live energy that epitomizes their signature style. This album encapsulates the essence of the band's sound and ethos.

Produced by Flower Travelin' Band, Yuya Uchida, and Ikuzo Orita.

  • Limited edition
  • Pressed on black double vinyl
  • Originally released in 1973


Joe Yamanaka on vocals
Hideki Isima on guitar
Jun Kozuki on bass
George Wada on drums

01. ALL THE DAYS (2017 Remaster)
02. MAKE UP (2017 Remaster)
03. LOOK AT MY WINDOW (2017 Remaster)
04. SLOWLY BUT SURELY (2017 Remaster)
05. SHADOWS OF LOST DAYS (2017 Remaster)
06. BROKEN STRINGS (2017 Remaster)
07. HIROSHIMA (2017 Remaster)
08. BLUE SUEDE SHOES (2017 Remaster)
09. SATORI PART 2 (2017 Remaster)
10. AFTER THE CONCERT (2017 Remaster)

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