Survival Research present a reissue of Chico Magnetic Band's self-titled album, originally released in 1971. Lyon-based freakers Chico Magnetic Band began as Chico & the Slow Death, its front man a wild Tunisian-born singer otherwise known as Mahmoud Ayari, with drummer Patrick Garel, bassist Alain Mazet, and guitarist Bernard Lloret, later replaced by Bernard Monneri. Conjuring a dark, excessive sound with unfettered guitar, pummeling drum rolls and Ayari growling and grumbling over the top, this sole LP is culled from different permutating sessions, with plenty of audio freakery and extreme effects from Jean-Pierre Massiera; Hendrix cover "Cross Town Traffic" is rendered with love, despite Ayari's hefty accent.

01. Explosion (5:45)
02. Pop Pull Hair (3:15)
03. Lot Of Things (4:37)
04. We All Come And Go (3:14)
05. To Where I Belong (6:14)
06. My Sorrow (3:05)
07. Cross Town Traffic (3:15)
08. Pop Orbite (3:15)

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