Releasing Italian soundtrack gems on 7" has become a mission for Four Flies! This time the label went back to Franco Prosperi's 1972 film Un uomo dalla pelle dura (known in English as either The Boxer or Ripped-Off) and hand-picked two tracks that were included not in the (now uber-rare) original OST album released on Pegaso/RCA, but in the (even rarer) library album Meedley (sic) released by Carlo Pes a couple of years later, where, needless to say, he was accompanied by his legendary quartet I Marc 4, whose recognizable sound permeates both tunes on this 7".

Side A contains "The Riff", a stupendous acoustic-guitar-and-drums break that was later sampled by DJ-producer Nicola Conte for his debut album Jet Sounds (2000). In contrast, side B veers into fancy poolside cocktail party territory with "Bossa Party", a relaxing, bossa nova-infused jazz tune woven by Carlo Pes' electric guitar lines and Antonello Vannucchi's piano phrasing.

It's a limited edition so don't sleep on it!

  • 7" Ltd edition to 500 copies wordlwide

1. The Riff 01:25
2. Bossa Party 03:39

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