January of 2023 Rendezvous turned 16. In that 16 years Rendezvous has experienced many highs and lows as can be expected with running a truly independent event that never bows to censorship or trends. If there is one thing that Rendezvous means to me personally, it’s the freedom to explore cinema. Explore all the colors of the dark and even dive deep into the forgotten corners of the musty basement to find the most daring and unhinged cinematic expressions out there. 

One of the most unique aspects of Rendezvous in my opinion has been that it feels like a giant family, and I’m not just speaking about us who directly work to put on the events. We strive to create a home for all the weirdos, a place to truly be comfortable, meet like minded freaks who listen to obscure library records and speak about 70’s Spanish horror while watching a montage of cannibal horror highlights in the background. Maybe you can’t do the same with your family at Thanksgiving but at Rendezvous…. we see you. 

The following mix is just what I had in my record bag after our last event. In the spirit of the old Rendezvous mixes, it’s a live one take situation. The music has always been the magic to our mixture. The thing that above all else, really sets our event into motion and gives it its legs. So put on those leather gloves and pour yourself a nice tall glass of J&B! Saluti all’apputamento!