Lethal Ethan’s MAUSOLEUM (EPISODE 16)

“New Years Evil!!!!!!!”


Mortician- World Domination

Warlord- MRS. Victoria

Spectral Wound- Frigid & Spellbound

Destroyer 666- Song for a Devils Son

Volcano- Incubus

Sepultura- Septic Schizo

Genocidio- Pact of Blood

Sextrash- Seduced By Evil

Impurity- In the Dark Temple

Stone Axe- Slave to Fear

Dust- Chasin' Ladies

Night Sun- Living With The Dying

Hairy Chapter- It Must Be An Officer's Daughter

Nemesis- Black Messiah

Neptune- Enemies

Xecutioner- Like The Dead

Nifelheim- Bestial Avenger

Kommodus- Emerging From Serpents Nest

Whoredom Rife- Einride

Revenant Marquis- Djinn Hereof Lifers