Lethal Ethan’s MAUSOLEUM (EPISODE 14)

Heavy Metal at the Movies

Episode Track List

Sorcery- I’m Back (Rocktober Blood)

Vince Tempura- Stay the Night (Paganini Horror)

45 Grave- Do You Wanna Party- Zombie Version (Return of the Living Dead)

Dokken- Dream Warriors (Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors)

Black Roses- Soldiers of the Night (Black Roses)

Paul Sabu- Cassie’s Warning (Hard Rock Zombies)

Dennis Michael Tenney- Computer Date (Night of the Demons)

Accept- Fast as a Shark (Demons)

The Undead- Somebody Super Like You- Beef’s Construction Song (Phantom of the Paradise)

Firstryke- Just a Nightmare (Last Slumber Party)

Fred Mollin- The Darkest Side of the Night

Jóhann Johannsson- Children of the New Dawn (Mandy)