Happy Halloween everyone! It’s a pleasure to be back on the Two Headed Dog podcast with the crew and to drop another DJ mix for this spooky season. It’s been a crazy year but a blessing as I’ve been busy in the City of Sin spinning regularly at the new Nightmare Cafe on Thursday nights. There you can hear and see me doing my Cinemix thing as I drop everything from mainstream horror soundtrack favorites to more obscure to some clips and beats the likes of Martino and Nicolai. 

For this mix rather I get to really soak up the season and strip down the beats and dive deep into the soundscapes of film music and the manifestation of technology and the dark minded composer. 

Starting out with some of my new favorite modern composers and leading into personal genre favorites I couldn’t resist to include. As the title and our opening record suggest, Turn out the lights, all of them… on this Halloween Night. Enjoy.


Drop Dead! An Exercise in Horror | Arch Oboler - An Introduction to Horror (Capital Records) 

HEREDITARY | Colin Stetson - Party, Crash (Milan) 

SUSPIRIA | Thom Yorke - The Inevitable Pull (XL Recordings) 

THE BABADOOK | Jed Kurzel - Amelia Taken Over (Waxwork) 

CANDYMAN | Robert Lowe - Rows and Towers (Waxwork) 

CANDYMAN | Robert Lowe - The Sweet (Waxwork) Us | Michael Abels - Boogieman’s Family (Waxwork) 

HAUTE TENSION | François-Eudes Chanfrault - Paris Nice (Bootleg) 

THE FOG | John Carpenter-Prologue from The Fog (Silva Screen) 

THE FOG | John Carpenter - The Fog Enters Town (Silva Screen) 

THE FOG | John Carpenter - Revenge (Silva Screen) 

CREEPSHOW | John Harrison - Richard Watches Them Drown (Waxwork) 

CREEPSHOW | John Harrison - Bugs Start Creeping up on Pratt/ Blackout (Waxwork) 

DAWN OF THE DEAD | Goblin - Zombi The Living Dead’s Voices/ Ai Margini Della Follia (Waxwork) 

SUSPIRIA | Goblin - Witch (Death Waltz) 

SHOCK | Libra - II Fantasma Suona II Piano (Ripresa) (Death Waltz) 

CHI SEI / PAURA | Franco Micalizzi- Bargain With The Devil #3 (Decca Cam Sugar) 

MANIAC | Jay Chattaway - Inner Voices (Death Waltz) 

SUSPIRIA | Thom Yorke - The Epilogue (XL Recordings) 

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