"A Spacetoonz Cinemix Tribute to The Devil" 

(Mixed by Jimmie Gonzalez)




BEYOND THE DOOR | Opening Excerpt 

BEYOND THE DOOR | Dimitry’s Theme – Franco Micalizzi (Four Flies) 

DEVIL’S NIGHTMARE | Main Titles – Alessandro Alessandroni (Cinedelic) Satanic Mass - Anton LaVey (Cleopatra 

BLACK MAGIC RITES | Orgiastic Ritual - Gianfranco Reverberi (Cinedelic) 

BLACK MAGIC RITES | Secret Orgy I – Gianfranco Reverberi (Cinedelic) 

THE EXORCIST | Night Of The Electric Insects w/ Film Excerpt – National Philharmonic Orchestra (Waxwork) 

ROSEMARY’S BABY | Rare Teaser Trailer 

ROSEMARY’S BABY | Main Title – Krzysztof Komeda (Waxwork) 

ROSEMARY’S BABY | Dream – Krzysztof Komeda (Waxwork) 

THE ENTITY | Bath/ Attack w/ Film Excerpt – Charles Bernstein (Wyrd War) 

RING OF DARKNESS | Un’ombra Nell’ombra Main Titles – Stelvio Cipriani (Four Flies) 

RING OF DARKNESS | The Hour Of Infernal Game (Part 1) – Stelvio Cipriani (Four Flies) 

WITCHCRAFT 70 | Radio Ad Hallucinations – The Psychic Circle (Library Of The Occult) 

THE OTHER HELL | Follie – Goblin (Cinevox) 

LES DEMONS | Film Excerpt/ Kathleen Writhing – Jean-Bernard Raiteux (Finders Keepers) 

ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK | Medium – Bruno Nicolai (Finders Keepers) 

ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK | Sabba – Bruno Nicolai (Finders Keepers)

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