Compilation of the two sold-out demo tapes: "Life's Joke" and "Graveyard Peace". Hypnotic, low-fi USBM. The auspicious beginnings before the majestic full-length The Magic Mountain. Mastered for vinyl by Travis Nordahl and lacquer-cut.

  • 200 copies black vinyl
  • Matte jackets, two-sided insert

Life's Joke
A1. Intro (Life's Joke)
A2. The Hanged Arrange Themselves By Weight
A3. A Slide Down Pitiful Peak
A4. Setting The Table For Ghosts' Meals
Graveyard Peace
B1. Intro: A Veritable Graveyard Peace
B2. Claiming The Gravel Bed Eagerly For Sleep
B3. Love Is Abuse Of Time, Energy, And Spirit
B4. Letting Go When Swing Is Arched To Highest Peak
B5. Encumbered Carriage Of Personhood
B6. Outro: My March Astern Toward Unlife

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