Fittingly enough, The Cool Ghoul himself, John Zacherle, passed away right around Halloween in 2016, and now we here at Real Gone Music are celebrating his one-year “deathday” by releasing his incredibly rare album Zacherle’s Monster Gallery, originally issued on the budget Elektra imprint Crestview, on green & orange “pumpkin” vinyl limited to 1000 copies! This record was originally released in 1963, and was actually a copy of the 1960 Elektra album Spook Along with Zacherley, except for one very important detail: the cover art to the Crestview release was inked by legendary Mad Magazine artist Jack Davis, who actually passed away last year as well. Which probably explains why original copies of this record are selling for about $150 if you can find them…So consider this release a twin tribute to two guys who brought a big smile to millions of kids, especially those on the East Coast that used to see Zach present all those cheesy horror movies on TV. R.I.P., Zach and Jack!

Pressed On Green & Orange "Pumpkin" Colored Viny!

01. Coolest Little Monster
02. A Wicked Thought
03. Ghoul View Commercial
04. Sure Sign of Spring
05. Transylvania P.T.A.
06. Frank and Drac Are Back
07. Come with Me to Transylvania
08. Spider Man Lullaby
09. Ring-A-Ding Orangoutang
10. Baying at the Moon
11. Zacherle For President

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