Collection "French Love" • Volume I

The Omega Productions Records is proud to offer for the first time on physical media, the soundtrack of the movie Love to Mouth (1974) composed by Yan Tregger.

Released in the cinema one year before the implementation of the X ranking, L'Amour à la bouche is the first erotic film directed by Gérard Kikoïne (editor for Jess Franco or Claude Mulot), recognized as one of the masters of the film. French love. A few years before Fines Parties , this first production offers viewers a vision of sexual liberation post-May 68, between extravagant festivals and debauchery.

If the feature film is not free from defects, stereotypes related to his time, Love to the mouth remains a generous testimony of social developments, all filmed by a group of friends with no pretension other than having fun in front of and behind the camera.

The groovy soundtrack is signed by Yan Tregger, also known as Ted Scotto. If he is not the most publicized French musicians of his decade, his music remains particularly attached to the underground culture of collectors of rarities on microsillon. Composed in full pre-disco period in the corridors of Montparnasse 2000, the soundtrack oscillates between nervous beat, funky strings, Gainsbourg sounds and more intimate compositions inherited from a fantasized Italy.

The result of a close collaboration between Yan Tregger, Gérard Kikoïne and The Omega Productions Records , this edition contains all the music collected on CD, with a 12-page booklet containing bilingual notes by the composer.

  • Edition strictly limited to 500 copies

01. Love to the mouth (02:43)
02. Rascal draw (03:26)
03. Love theme (02:45)
04. Solitary pleasure (03:24)
05. Cancan (photo) graphic ( 3:56)
06. Transgression (05:28)
07. Gastronomic Preliminaries (02:45)
08. Frankenstein Delivered (02:15)
09. Organized Festivities (03:38)
10. Decadence (01:23)
11. The festivities continue ... ( 01:09)
12. Carnal Naivity (01:40)
13. The hunt (00:47)
14. End of the game (02:46)

Total time • 38:12

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