XIU XIU's new album Girl with Basket of Fruit could be anything. It could be turning Caravaggio’s Boy with Basket of Fruit to face the wall. It could be doing the wrong thing together forever. It could be that Nature is making it clear to us that we deserve it and that we are making it clear to Her that we are ready, ready to go. It could be that despite the confusion of this life, people who can still truthfully call themselves human try to push through 2019’s collecting horror. But of all that it could be, it is undeniably one thing: Xiu Xiu.

  • Pressed on purple vinyl

01. Girl with Basket of Fruit (4:16)
02. It Comes Out as a Joke (3:01)
03. Amargi ve Moo (4:51)
04. Ice Cream Truck (2:38)
05. Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy (5:01)
06. The Wrong Thing (4:55)
07. Mary Turner Mary Turner (3:48)
08. Scisssssssors (4:28)
09. Normal Love (3:38)

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