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‘Blank Tape’ by Yorkshire based electronic duo worriedaboutsatan – made up of composer and electronic musician Thomas Ragsdale and multi instrumentalist Gavin Miller – is presented as a ltd custom-made, split-colour blue and white cassette shell, mirroring the duo’s cover art. Layout is again by Spun Out Of Control’s in-house designer Eric Adrian Lee. This tape is not blank!

Describing their sound as ‘spectral electronica’, worriedaboutsatan deliver a heady mix of swirling ambient melancholia, skyscraping post-rock guitar atmospherics and pounding slo-mo techno. They’ve shared stages with a diverse array of musicians including Underworld, Ólafur Arnalds, Clark, Dälek, 65daysofstatic, Tim Hecker, Pantha du Prince, Braids, HEALTH and Kiasmos. The band also worked closely as music supervisors and composers with BBC filmmaker Adam Curtis on his acclaimed ‘HyperNormalisation’ documentary.

Blank Tape is the worriedaboutsatan’s third album. Collaborators include Liverpool stadium rock band Anathema and Bristol’s Face+Heel.

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Due for Release on Cassette Store Day October 14th.
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