Music from Wojciech Kilar
Songs from Joseph Kosma and Jacques Prévert

Directed by Paul Grimault on a Jacques Prévert’s script with the original music of the composer Wojcieck Killar (composer of “Dracula” from Coppola, “The girl and the death” from Polanski, etc …)

King Charles V and III Font-Huit-et-Huit-font-Seize, who is reigning as a tyrant over the kingdom of Takycardie, is in love with a modest shepherdess whom he wants to marry. However, she’s in love and loved by a little chimney sweep. Helped by a bird who lives at the top of the king’s private apartments, they run away to the Lower City. The police picks up their trail. Flying machines driven by policemen, mysterious creatures spying on the whole city, motorized tritons and “picture-by-image” stars have made their first attempt.

Paul Grimault proved with “Le Petit Soldat” that designed/drawn cinema can be serious and moving, and with “The King and the Bird” that you must always go after your dream. He made his last film: “La Table Tournante” at eighty-three years old.

Music composed by Wojciech Kilar, Performed by the Polish Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Stanislaw Wislock.

01. Générique
02. Prélude Au Mariage
03. Les Appartements Secrets
04. La Chasse A l'Oiseau
05. Chanson Du Mois de Mai n°12 - Boîte à Musique
06. Chanson Du Mois De Mai n°38 - La leçon des Oiseaux
07. Berceuse Paternelle
08. La Polka Des Lions
09. Le Petit Clown
10. Les Deux Rois
11. Les Grands Ateliers Du Roi
12. La Bergère Et Le Ramoneur
13. Le Portrait du Roi
14. L'Escalier Aux Cent-Mille Marches
15. La Marche Nuptiale
16. Carillon
17. La Complainte De L'Aveugle
18. La Révolte Des Fauves
19. La Fin Du Grand Automate
20. Epilogue
21. Generique Fin

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