Reminiscent of the horror soundtracks of an analogue era, Wojciech Golczewski's dark wave synth score to the slasher horror flick ”Tonight She Comes” lays an important spine to pulsating backtrack to Matt Stuertz movie.

- "brilliant 80s style synth score by Wojciech Golczewski" - Quay News

The music manages to stay true to the retro esthetics of the genre it pays homage to while at the same time keep a synthwave appeal and Golczewski's distinctive compositional style is omni present through out the 43 minutes of the album. Tenebre and organic, the electronic sound of Wojciech Golczewski's Tonight The Comes Original Soundtrack has the strenght to come alive even outside the pictures, and works horrendously well as a score for your autumn commute through the dusky urban sprawl.

- "the pulsating synth score is film's highlight" - Bloody Flicks

With the consistency of a Oberheim Bass Line, Wojciech Golczewski continues to put out prime quality dark electronic music. The prior 7” leading up to this release sold out in weeks so don't miss out. Tonight She Comes – The full original soundtrack drops on Friday the 28th on audio cassette through Data Airlines and later on a 12" through Death Waltz.

60 copies Limited Deluxe Edition of Wojciech Golczewski's Tonight She Comes Full & Original Motion Picture Soundtrack recorded onto matte silver shells with vintage stress marks. Comes with the same J-card as the Standard Edition but is packaged in a special heavy duty O-card with a special edition artwork that covers the cassette case.

  • Limited Deluxe Edition Cassette

01. She Comes 03:57
02. He Comes 04:49
03. In The Woods 01:42
04. Campfire 03:57
05. Inside 03:35
06. The Girl 03:30
07. Coming Out 04:25
08. Action 01:16
09. Please Open 02:08
10. The Ritual 03:52
11. Blood & Gore 03:09
12. We Talk 04:34

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