Earlier this fall, Lakeshore Records put out a digital version of Wojciech Golczewski's "End of Transmission". EOT is a spin-of project for Golczewski's Reality Check trilogy and just like Reality Check it is drawing inspiration from space travel and sci-fi horror but in a much more dirty and intimate fashion. Where Reality Check is a complex production of sounds from numerous sources. End of Transmission is only Golczewski alone in the studio with a vintage miniMoog and a recorder, trying to paint a sound scape to the otherwise complete silence of space travel. The minimalism of End of Transmission is almost like a compromise between the contemporary heavy electroica and the more classical symphonic approach to space music. Needless to say that Golczewski has managed to give you the answer if anyone would ask you the question "if you would go to space and could only bring one album..."

Limited Edition Audio Cassette printed in the UK with a 350gsm high quality J-card. Comes in three different colours: Space Black, Apollo Gray and Star Spangled clear. Shipping from France. Limited edition of 100.

01. Transmission 01 03:23
02. Transmission 02 04:36
03. Transmission 03 03:29
04. Transmission 04 02:51
05. Transmission 05 02:03
06. Transmission 06 02:28
07. Transmission 07 02:48

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