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WITCHBOARD, the innovative project of horror film director Glenn McQuaid, is set to unveil their latest album, "Incidental Goth Club Music for Television and Film," Seamlessly blending post-punk, new wave, electro, and dark wave, this album channels the vibrant yet shadowy energy of the New York post-punk scene, offering a fresh take on a classic sound. McQuaid’s music captures the raw, pulsating energy of a city that never sleeps, infusing it with the dark, brooding atmosphere of a neon-lit underworld. As described by 'Pentagram Home Video': "Night music for night people... McQuaid soundtracks a neon-lit club where the dance-floor is teeming, and the corners glisten red. Darkwave through a krautrock dry-ice haze, this is dream music for the creatures of the night, and their prey."

  • Neon Night Pink Vinyl

01. There's Only Now
02. Lose It!
03.Experienced Movers
04. Supernaturals Fill The Floor W Grace Sings Sludge (V3)
05. No Entry
06. Nightride In Depressive Blue
07. Outrun
08. Get Anxious
09. My Longtime Companion
10. No Exit
11. As I - F
12. All You Have To Do Is Take My Hand

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