Gathering ghosts throughout Japan! Great magical power "Daimyo Yokai trilogy Original Soundtrack" appeared with "Yokai Maiden Monogatari", "Yokai Wars" and "Tokaido Hajikaido" became one piece!

It was released to the youkai boom which became a social phenomenon in 1968, "Yokai Maiden Monogatari", "Youkai Maiden War", "Yokai Wars", "Tokaido Gaunichi", and so-called "Daiei Yokai Trilogy", which became the series following "Gamera" and "Daimonjin" finally came in with the 3-piece BOX specification! "Youkai Maiden Monogatari" "Tokaido Haunted Kaido" digs up master tapes for the first time in 25 years since the last CD, and decided to perform digital remastering of all trilogy works. Remastered craftsmanship done by engineers who have worked for Toho special effects santra for a long time, making use of the original sounds remaining on master tapes! The songs used with the reduced playback speed in this volume are not actually digital processing but actually played back of the master tape Reproduced with a new recording with reduced speed! The final stage following "Daimonjin" which also posted valuable testimony by Mr. Watanabe Kuniaki himself appeared!

Disc: 1
01. Daiei Mark ~ A hundred stories · Takohori
02. Main title
03. Sake of sake making
04. Death of the warp
05. One hundred stories · Hatobori Ichi
06. Hundred Stories · Hatobori II
07. Yasutaro Hikaru
08. "Otaku"
09. Betrayal of a hundred stories
10. From ___ ___ ___
Yasutaro, attacks
12. My feelings of
13. Trap of Tajima
14. Death of Jinbei
15. Sorrowfulness
16. Company's Challenge
117. The race from which he came back ~ Tottirabo
18. The Last Day of Tajima
19. Apparition of youkai
20. Siege surrounding team
21. Hyakkai night
22. Ending
23. Daiei Mark (another take collection)
24. Death of Jinbei (another take collection)
25. Youkai enclosure (another take collection)
26. Hyakkai night (another take collection)
27. Hyakkai night (another take collection)
28. Hyakkai night (another take collection)
29. Song of sake making (another take collection)
30. Voice of the Round Head (another take collection)

Disc: 2
01. Main title
02. Daimon Resurrection
03. Dymon Flight
04. The Storm of Storm
05. Daimon's Witch
06. Daemon v. Kappa
07. Apparition of youkai
08. Daimon's strength
09. Bad signs ~ Shinobu's dead
10. Dainichiou's gift ~ The death of Dainichigo
11. Ao Shuto and the Cloud Outside Mirror
12. Pursuit and youkai
13. Infiltration of the Democratic Houses
14. Daimon vs. Japan Youkai
15. Shinkachi vs Dymon ~ Hyogo Mukuro
16. New Order and Iori
17. Daimon possessing Iori
18. Shinkyuro captive
19. Two Women and Daimon
20. The crisis of Kappa
21. Youkai Great Corps
22. Daimon enlarging
23. Daimon's defeat
24. Ending
25. Daimon Flight (Alternative Take Collection)
26. Daimon's Witch (Alternative Take Collection)
27. Daimon's Witc (Take Collection)
28. Daimon's Witch (Alternative Take Collection)
29. Death of Dainichigo (Alternative Take Collection)
30. Pursuit and youkai (another take collection)
31. Daimon possessing Iori (Alternative take collection)
32. Shinkachi caught (another take collection)
33. Shinkaruro is caught (Take Collection)
34. Shinkaruro is caught (another take collection)
35. Daimon's defeat (Alternative take collection)
36. Daimon's defeat (another take collection)
37. Daimon's defeat (another take collection)

Disc: 3
01. Daiei Mark ~ Main Title
02. Death of Injeon ~ Mystery of writing
03. Tameike - Mystery of written form
04. Looking dead body
05. Yutaro's dream
06. Misa's Journey
07. Theme of Travel
08. Saikichi's raid
09. Fuji taking sunset
10. Snake bones
11. Signpost
12. Tanks to escape Unused
13. Monster of trees
14. Kai Tomb monster
15. Ishiganto
16. Misayo is my ...
17. Musashi's worry
18. Dice of Fate
19. Lord of Onizuka
20. Hata, Taro, to the family house
21. Saikichi's self-support
22. Yokai's Forest
23. Death of Shitora
24. The End of Confusion
25. Disappear to Onitsuka ~ Ending
26. Stardust 2 (another take collection)
27. Looking dead body (another take collection)
28. Travel theme (another take collection)
29. Saikichi's raid (another take collection)
30. Dice of Fate (another take collection)
31. Death of Shitora (another take collection)

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