If you're into dark and interesting synth wave, check Videogram out. Inspired by '80s post-apocalyptic and exploitation films, this music perfectly personifies the glory of analogue action and horror. I'm a fan of Videogram for life...and beyond! - david j. moore, author of WORLD GONE WILD: A SURVIVOR'S GUIDE TO POST-APOCALYPTIC MOVIES and THE GOOD, THE TOUGH, AND THE DEADLY: ACTION MOVIES AND STARS.

Debuting on his own imprint SelectaVision, Swedish producer Magnus Sellergren has set out to expand his musical vision with Test Subject 011; a limited-edition 7" single that sees him injecting both Italo and Space Disco to the trademark Videogram sound. Drawing inspiration from the Netflix hit series Stranger Things, the title track blends a driving John Carpenter-esque rhythm section with a softer, almost gentle, melody - creating an exciting track that's simultaneously intense and lush. The B side, Dr Brenner, is an Italo-heavy track, offering a pulsating riff set to a heavy and dance-friendly drum beat, featuring classic Italo-styled chopped-up sampled voices, and a guest appearance by Australian musician Jamie Coghill, aka The Jimmy C, providing a tom drum solo.

01. Test Subject 011
02. Dr Brenner

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