Originally released in the fall of 2015, "Outpost 31 Isn't Responding” is Videogram’s tribute to John Carpenter’s iconic 1982 sci-fi horror classic "The Thing”.

The digital single, that received accolades from various genre and indie music outlets, as well as movie business professionals, once again saw Videogram adding new influences to the horror synth genre, merging industrial-tinged drones and sound collages with melancholic melodies, making for a dark, heavy, and doom-laden effort.

The 2018 ’redux’ version sees the original two-track single completely remixed and remastered, expanded with two session outtakes, one freshly penned track, and the stellar reimagining of Ennio Morricone’s "Humanity, Pt. 1" title theme added as bonus tracks, making for one twenty-minute plus EP’s worth of ice-cold horror synth!

"...Videogram keeps putting out really interesting stu , making things that nobody else is doing, and finding a really fresh way to reanimate these cult classics. The influence these movies have on him are easy to hear, but it’s what he does with those influences that really shines in his stuff." - Trash Mutant 

"...it takes you so far on a visual journey that you can just see the events unfolding, as well as taking in the themes and excellent musical skills of Magnus himself." - The Scream Review

  • Limited Edition

1. Outpost 31 Isn't Responding
2. 27,000 Hours*
3. First Night of Winter*
4. Antarctica
5. Assimilation / Who Goes There?+
6. Humanity Pt. 1 (Mutated)

* Original 2015 outtakes
+ New track

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