Since its inception, Magnus Sellergren's Videogram project has been constantly surprising listeners with blending fresh new styles with a healthy dose of inspiration from classic genre cinema soundtracks. Every record had its own theme, meticulously followed by each instrumental. On his latest EP, Sellergren took on sound of the golden era of post-apocalyptic movies, with all of their grime and strangeness, and owned it.

"Gladiatori dell'Apocalypse" sees Videogram following quite a different sonical path than the ones he explored on previous records. The signature sound is still present, but the tracks are more beat-sy, flashy and oddly danceable. If you ever wanted to get down in the wasteland, the soundtrack's right here.

More than an excercise in imagining the music of the depraved, gasoline-deficient, steel and leather clad unspecified future, the latest EP shows an evolution of Videogram. Whether you've been following his music from day one, or just discovered the project, "Gladiatori..." offers a rich and immersive sound with a flawless production. - Jan Klein, Trash Mutant 

If you're into dark and interesting synth wave, check Videogram out. Inspired by '80s post-apocalyptic and exploitation films, this music perfectly personifies the glory of analogue action and horror. I'm a fan of Videogram for life...and beyond! - david j. moore, author of WORLD GONE WILD: A SURVIVOR'S GUIDE TO POST-APOCALYPTIC MOVIES and THE GOOD, THE TOUGH, AND THE DEADLY: ACTION MOVIES AND STARS.

"Overall, it’s an excellent piece of work that should continue to see Videogram’s reputation (along with their commitment to the retro soundtrack genre) progress steadily up the ladder." - Cinema Retro

  • Gatefold sleeve, hi-quality pressing on 180g tri-colored splatter vinyl

01. Videogram Ident 6 00:17
02. In 2077 A.D. (Spoken Intro) 01:21
03. Gladiatori dell'Apocalisse 07:52
04. Desolate Roads 04:05
05. Death Riders 2096 06:13
06. Io, Mutante 02:36
07. The Ravagers 03:38
08. Gladiators of the Apocalypse End Titles

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