Lunaris Records is proud to announce the soundtrack release of TARANTOLA, the film within the 2014 Astron-6 horror comedy, The Editor. The Tarantola soundtrack contains all of the Vercetti Technicolor tracks from the films, including the amazing end title track for The Editor. Vercetti Technicolor, greek producer and co-owner of Giallo Disco Records, has created a masterful nine track release of synth driven pulsating jams that can best be described as “pure giallo”.

01. Tarantola!
02. Tarantola! (Reprise)
03. Razor Kill (Film Version)
04. Peter and Margarit
05. Pofiry Loses It
06. La Chiesa (Film Version)
07. Phantom
08. End Titles
09. Razor Kill (Extended)

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