Vercetti Technicolor's ficticious soundtrack to the 1972 Munich Massacre, is a bleak, cold and somber work. Partly inspired by the 1999 Documentary
by Kevin Macdonald, Vercetti creates a tense and brooding approach to this, the most darkest of subject matter. This is far from dancefloor material, this is doom-electronics at it's most frightening.

Giallo Disco is proud to present our first LP, Vercetti Technicolor's Black September, closer to minimal wave than moroder and all the better for it. Remixes come from Mexico's PLAYTONTO and Créme Organisation signing's Francesco Clemente. Artwork by Eric A. Lee, Mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio.

01. Operation Munich 02:31
02. Ambassadors Of Death 03:55
03. Olympic Village Hotel 4:30am 05:09
04. Chariots Of Gunfire 03:55
05. The GSG9 Theme 01:34
06. The Bank Heist Finale 05:21
07. Operation Munich (Extended Version) 04:57
08. Operation Munich (PLAYTONTO Remix) 03:51
09. Operation Munich (Francesco Clemente Remix) 03:57

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