Sonor Music Editions present a reissue of Mare Romantico, originally released in 1974. Amazing Italian library electronic and underwater gem originally released in 1974, which has remained totally obscure and absolutely impossible to find. A bewitching underwater music trip made through analog synthesizers and sophisticated electronic lounge mood music recorded for TV sea documentaries. Delicate marine themes alternate with hypnotic and abyssal vibes with droning effects, elegance reflected in crystal clear waves. A little jewel for fans of early electronic music and library junkies; one of the finest examples of Italian underwater library music. Features Montedoro, Tommasi, Atmo, Jarrell, Piccioni, and Santucci. Renewed artwork by painter Stefania Casagrande. Back sleeve liner notes by music journalist Marco Ferretti. 180 gram vinyl; Edition of 500.

01. Montedoro - Riflessi Acquatici
02. Montedoro - Riflessi Acquatici
03. Tommasi - Blue Valzer
04. Montedoro - Trasparenza Verde
05. Montedoro - Trasparenza Verde
06. Atmo - Pesci Sul Fondo
07. Atmo - Bolle D'Acqua
08. Atmo - Bolle D'Acqua
09. Jarrell - Attrazione Lunare
10. Montedoro - Crociera Sul Mare
11. Montedoro - Crociera Sul Mare
12. Piccioni - Onde E Schiuma
13. Piccioni - Panorama Sul Mare
14. Atmo - Giochi D'Amore
15. Tommasi - Mondo Riflesso
16. Piccioni - Pressione Subacquea
17. Santucci - Correnti Magnetiche

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