"Jeeeezus ... so here’s just about the best record ever, a collection of late 60s pieces from 6 Hellenic composers, only one of which even rates a single listing in the Hugh Davies book, Michael Adamis. See that on the cover? it’s the patch-bay of an EMS VCS3, arguably the most legendary / covetable analogue synthesizer. Here is an exchange that i’ve fabricated as a possible explanation of how this record came to be: Adamis: “I’ve just come back from London and look what i have: it’s an EMS VCS3. It’s a(n) Electronic Sound Synthesizer.” Adamis’ five closest Composer-friends: “Let us each compose one piece using said Electronic Sound Synthesizer, mixing insane Analogian noises with Concrète sounds, Greek traditional music, and other sundry sound-detritus all while refusing to cease or even slow down the intake of various native spores that make us see colors that really don’t exist in earth’s spectrum.” Greek branch of major label EMI to Adamis: “In other parts of the world, major-label record companies are releasing LPs of local Electronic Music. Electronic Music is the next big youth trend and we wish to capitalize on it. Using our secret-spy practices we’ve learned that you’ve recently acquired an Electronic Sound Synthesizer. Please present us with six examples of this so-called Electronic Music by yourself and your 5 closest Composer-friends... and please can i take few of those spores back to the office?” ... and so the rest is now history - the LP came out in 1967, sold 20 copies, the rest were destroyed, only to have those fateful 20 re-surface almost 40 years later on ebay and sell for $$$ - and so the cycle remains unbroken until Mr. P.C. C.P. steps in, spends $$$ on ink-jet cartridges and paper, and reproduces so many copies of this fateful artifact for the sensible connoisseur - and how this sensible connoisseur is rewarded? The ways are infinite." -Keith Fullerton Whitman

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