Due for Release on Cassette Store Day October 14th.

The Halloween Brew is a heady and ghastly concoction of 19 tracks from the depths of the covens’ cauldron. A compilation of Halloween holiday tracks written for this release, each horrid, playful, and atmospheric and inspired by your favourite time of year.

With perfectly accompanying artwork by Kimberley Holladay (Forbidden world - Death Waltz) and sequenced to playlist perfection by Spencer Hickman (Mondo/Death Waltz - Head of music) It is a must for every Halloween party.

Not only are we/Burning Witches Records honoured to work along side such amazing people as - Pye Corner Audio, Wojciech Golczewski, Xander Harris, Joel Grind, Espectrostatic etc… but all artists involved have agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds to a charity dear to our animal loving hearts which is WWF (WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. https://www.wwf.org.uk/who-we-are )

The Cassette release will be available on 3 different coloured variants of 75 and limited to 225 copies worldwide -

Pumpkin Orange x 75
Neon Blood Red x 75
Glitter Witch x 75

Each release includes download card and also available as digital album via https://burningallwitches.bandcamp.com/album/witches-halloween-brew.

Clocking in at 80 minutes worth of Halloween listening, we encourage all to purchase physical copies and donate as much as possible to help save the worlds endangered wildlife.

01. Xander Harris - Burn Slow 04:50
02. Pye Corner Audio - Forbidden Scenario 5 04:36
03. Joel Grind - A Face In The Fog 03:35
04. Wojciech Golczewski - Get Out 03:39
05. Repeated Viewing - Dawn 03:41
06. BurningTapes - Kiva 03:09
07. Ian Alex Mac - The Homecoming 02:46
08. Espectrostatic - The Doom That Came To Marble Town 02:06
09. Thomas Ragsdale - Credo 04:58
10. All of Them Witches - Return Of The Witch 03:32
11. Graham Reznick - Hexagram 03:01
12. Moon Gangs - Dressed In Red 07:20
13. Timothy Fife - Polykinesis 03:32
14. Deathcount In Silicon Valley - Leather Death 05:58
15. Steve Nolan - Birth 04:00
16. Steve Greene - Noir, City Streets and Macabre Pt.1 07:08
17. DIE HEXEN - Haunt 04:09
18. Kreng - Jurkje 04:37
19. MAINE - Theme 03:13

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Due for Release on Cassette Store Day October 14th.
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