The eagerly awaited revival of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s revolutionary television series Twin Peaks is here, and with it, a new soundtrack. Music has always played a central role in Lynch’s work and it helped establish the haunting, dreamlike nature of the original Twin Peaks. The same is true for the new series. The songs that appear on the new soundtracks will be revealed gradually over the course of the season.

  • The series score
  • 18 tracks include previously unreleased Angelo Badalamenti compositions

A1. Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks Theme
A2. Muddy Magnolias American Woman (David Lynch Remix)
Remix – David Lynch
A3. Angelo Badalamenti Laura Palmer's Theme (Love Theme From Twin Peaks)
A4. Angelo Badalamenti Accident / Farewell Theme
A5. Angelo Badalamenti Feat. Grady Tate Grady Groove
B1. Johnny Jewel Windswept (Reprise)
B2. Angelo Badalamenti Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room
B3. Angelo Badalamenti The Chair
B4. Angelo Badalamenti Deer Meadow Shuffle
C1. Witold Rowicki With National Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra* Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima
C2. David Lynch, Dean Hurley Slow 30s Room
C3. Angelo Badalamenti The Fireman
D1. Chromatics Saturday (Instrumental)
D2. Thought Gang Headless Chicken
D3. Angelo Badalamenti Night
D4. Angelo Badalamenti Heartbreaking
D5. Angelo Badalamenti Audrey's Dance
D6. Angelo Badalamenti Dark Space Low

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