LIMITED RESTOCK!!! After decades of languishing in the cryptic haze of shabby bootlegs, the soundtrack to Roger Watkins’ sleazy horror magnum opus ‘Last House on Dead End Street’ (1977) is finally achieving the grand debut it deserves. Comprised entirely of tracks from the legendary KPM Music Library, the soundtrack is a unique blend of haunting experimental terror electronics – the pure atmospheric embodiment of the film’s oppressive ominous vibe.

Since none of the music is credited in the film, it has taken years of independent fan research to compile the complete electronic soundtrack. Library music aficionados had to identify each music cue by ear based solely on encyclopedic knowledge of the vast KPM discography. The fact that this identification succeeded all the way down to the exact source of synth sound-effects from the infamous vivisection sequence is a testament to the maniacal obsession this film breeds in its fans.

For this vinyl-only release all tracks have been sourced directly from KPM’s archival master tapes, exposing the full dynamics & penetrating intensity of this music. As an added bonus, some of KPM’s masters run longer than the versions that they originally issued on LP and are included here in their complete expanded form. All artwork was scanned from a rare surviving 35mm print to properly capture its grindhouse grime.

Isolated from the film, the music is an astounding & impactfully curated collection of sinister hidden gems from the mythic underworld of British 1970s avant-garde electronic music including Delia Derbyshire, David Fanshawe, Ron Geesin, Alan Hawkshaw, Eric Peters, and Lewis Stern.

  • All tracks re-mastered from KPM master tapes
  • Several tracks included in previously unreleased extended versions
  • LP housed in deluxe Stoughton “Tip-On” jacket

01. Pulse of Terror
02. Electrofear
03 Occult
04. Space Movements
05. Psycho Theme
06. Pulse of Fear
07. Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue
08. Agonythm
09. Dawn Odyssey
10. Destructive Powers
11. Cybernetics Fast
12. Terror Noises
13. Dark Vibrations
14. Nightmare
15. Transformation Odyssey
16. Celestial Cantabile
17. Omination

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