Jewish Arts & Culture Non-profit Reboot presents a vinyl record of the new rescore of the iconic 1921 silent horror film, The Golem.

The Golem is the Jewish Frankenstein that inspired the Boris Karloff original and a renowned Jewish fable about the occult and Jewish identity.

Featuring original music by Scott Amendola, Steven Drozd (The Flaming Lips), and Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, The Flesh Eaters) / Threshing Floor (Alan Licht, Gretchen Gonzales Davidson, Rebecca Odes, John Olson, Nate Young) / Meg Baird, Charlie Saufley and Jeremiah Lockwood / Universal Eyes (members of Slumber Party and Wolf Eyes) / Michael Morley (The Dead C) / Sharon Gal / Marika Hughes and Shahzad Ismaily / ∈Y∋ (Boredoms) .

01. Born Mystic Section By Threshing Floor
02. Traces By Margaret Baird, Jeremiah Lockwood, Charlie Saufley
03. Strange Attractors By Universal Eyes
04. Falling Ghosts By Michael Morley
05. The Golem By Sharon Gal
06. Monat Mai By Marika Hughes, Shahzad Ismaily
07. SPZD By ∈Y∋
08. Loew Sparks On High Gratitude Love By Scott Amendola, Steve Berlin, Steven Drozd

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